The top mistakes team assistants make when booking business travel for bosses

The top mistakes team assistants make when booking business travel for bosses

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A brand new survey of business house owners and managers has revealed that greater than half (55%) have both been inconvenienced, stranded between flights, or misplaced cash when their groups have sorted their travel bookings. 

The findings have been taken from a survey of an unbiased panel of 255 SME house owners and decision-makers, commissioned by Corporate Traveller, a number one travel administration firm for SMEs and a division of Flight Centre. Corporate Traveller requested survey respondents about 9 mistakes that their team assistants, or somebody of their organisation, has made when booking travel.

Saskia Boxem, NSW/ACT Head of Customer Success for Corporate Traveller, stated that by sharing the outcomes, in-house travel bookers can pay attention to the slip-ups which can be being picked up by their managers, and search to deal with them.  She stated: “Booking business travel could be a sophisticated course of, particularly when arranging travel for giant teams or booking on the final minute. As assistants do their greatest to juggle travel bookings alongside their different, usually larger precedence duties, they will typically be extra inclined to creating mistakes.

“However, for many businesses and managers, these mistakes can have a large impact on their budgets and be costly ones to make and rectify. To help alleviate the pressure, team assistants should consider using travel booking platforms and travel management companies, such as Corporate Traveller, which offer round-the-clock support and the best travel expertise,” continued Saskia.

The top mistakes team assistants are making when booking business travel, ranked beneath: 

  1. 40% of the mistakes are lacking out on good offers by booking final minute. The commonest error made by those that admitted to creating a mistake, with two-fifths (40%) of respondents who’ve made mistakes when booking travel saying that they had overspent on bookings, as a result of they booked too near the travel date. It’s straightforward for assistants and workplace managers to be distracted with different pressing duties and so business travel bookings can slip down the precedence checklist. So, by the point the booking is made, costs have shot up on account of demand.
    2. Getting traveller’s particulars incorrect on bookings make up 27% of mistakes. More than 1 / 4 (27%) of those that admitted to creating mistakes stated that they had incorrectly inputted traveller particulars when booking travel. Whether it’s misspelling a reputation, an incorrect date of start, or a unsuitable title altogether, incorrect traveller particulars take time to rectify. Businesses are unlikely to make this error when utilizing a travel administration firm or platform, which eliminates guide errors by making a booking profile for every traveller.  
  1. 27% of mistakes are flights that don’t align. More than 1 / 4 (27%) of travel bookers which have made mistakes admitted to this error. Travellers might be left with out a mattress to sleep in if their flight arrives after resort check-in has closed or miss their flight if their adjoining flights instances are unaligned.This is the third commonest mistake, which not solely incurs added prices, as further bookings will have to be made, however it could actually additionally put the traveller in danger if they’re stranded in a brand new metropolis late at night time.
  2. 25% of errors are travel booking that aren’t authorized or go over funds. If an worker is left to ebook their very own travel, they may threat overspending on a resort or flight and by the point administration has observed it might be too late to amend with out monetary penalties. It’s the fourth commonest mistake made by those that admitted to getting issues unsuitable when booking travel, at 25 per cent. A travel administration firm, then again, can lock in a spending cap to maintain a lid on frivolous spending.
  3. Making bookings that inconvenienced travellers make up 24% of mistakes. Businesses additionally reported that when travel is managed by assistants or different team members, there’s a threat the traveller might be booked onto an inconvenient flight time, or at a resort that’s miles from their early morning assembly location. Almost 1 / 4 (24%) of companies which have made travel booking mistakes admitted to this explicit error.
  4. Booking with travel suppliers which have poor service make up 24% of errors. An assistant that books travel on behalf of their supervisor is probably not aware about the most effective travel providers, and 24 per cent of those that have made mistakes booking travel stated this had occurred of their business. Instead, by utilizing a travel administration firm and leaving business travel booking to the consultants, companies might be assured that they’re booked onto the travel supplier that most accurately fits their wants and expectations.
  5. 20% of mistakes have the unsuitable vacation spot or date. This could appear an inconceivable mistake to make, however Corporate Traveller’s survey outcomes point out that is the seventh commonest mistake made by companies which have admitted to booking errors, at 20 per cent – and comes with big price implications, particularly if the business has booked the most affordable airline tickets that don’t enable date adjustments or don’t provide refunds or credit score.
  6. 15% of errors have been bookings with incorrect folks or variety of folks.Booking for giant teams might be anxious, risking mistakes. Booking for too many or too few folks, or the unsuitable names, can be troublesome to rectify and 15 per cent of those that have made mistakes admitted to this error. A flight or resort could not have availability, or refunds won’t be relevant on the kind of booking made.
  7. Overbooking, corresponding to booking too many rooms or flight seats. While final within the rating, overbooking was admitted by 11 per cent of travel bookers who stated they’ve made mistakes when arranging travel in-house. If the worker making the booking has chosen the most affordable flight seat, refunds or credit won’t be out there. Likewise, if they’ve a booked rooms immediately with the resort, they may lose the deposit.

“Not only are there financial implications to rectify the mistakes, but an organisation’s corporate reputation could suffer damage if a traveller arrives late to a meeting because of a simple booking mistake.” Saskia stated.




The publish The top mistakes team assistants make when booking business travel for bosses appeared first on Travel Daily.

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